Views of Stockholm

One thing that always annoyed me about Stockholm was that I just couldn’t find any good places to take a good panorama of the city. Well I found them! Views from Stadshustornet and Katarinahissensbro are provided below for your viewing pleasure.

Like the last one? I’ve been using the long end of my [Dad’s] 28-200 mm a lot more. The Nikon 55-300 mm is looking awfully tasty right now. I guess that will have to wait until the Sigma 10-20 mm joins the family though.


Igelbäcken sunrise

Over the midsommar weekend I ended up partaking in an epic online multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival gaming session. We were playing Day Z, an Arma II mod that is all the rage in PC gaming circles at the moment (and is also extremely good). But anyway, when we finally stopped playing at around 3 AM I could see that the sun was just starting to approach the horizon, and since my mind was still awake from killing all those Zombies I figured it was worth popping across the road to the nature reserve with my camera stuff.

I’m glad I did, as I was treated to some excellent conditions. Mist, blue skies, yellow plant things, and some awesome light!