Svensk natur

Just a few recent photos of the Swedish countryside. The first one is from Igelbäcken nature reserve near my place in Tensta, and the others are from Roslagsleden hiking trail.

It turns out that taking nice photos in a forest is actually rather difficult. Forests are so cluttered, that when you reduce it all to a 2D image it’s hard for your eye to know what to concentrate on. You literally can’t see the forest for the trees! It seems to be even more important that usual to find strong, simple compositions, to help the viewer make sense of it all.

Sverige är ett riktigt vackert land!

Körsbärsblommor i Kungsträdgården

It’s cherry blossom time in Kungsträdgården! I swooped down there after work, and funny enough the place was full of other ‘togs snapping away and waving around their big lenses. I guess I’d have to get up pretty early to photograph this stuff without people in the frame.