More icy Edsviken

I’m quite pleased with how this one turned out. It was a very overcast day and I thought my chances of catching a good sunset were pretty small, but when I looked off my balcony at about an hour before sunset and I could see a gap in the clouds near the horizon, so I thought it was worth a chance. When I got round to the East side of the lake the sky looked like it wasn’t going to do anything interesting, but once the sun went down part of the sky turned a lovely bright red for about 5 minutes.

Unfortunately the red was really quite localised in a small part of the sky, but with a bit of processing I was able to saturate more of the sky and its reflection in the lake. This image was in fact heavily processed (it is a HDR merge of three exposures). Also, since it was windy and my camera doesn’t have auto bracketing there was quite a bit of ghosting in the sky, but I think I managed to hide it with some motion blur.

By the way the foreground patterns are ice, and bits of snow on the ice (not waves). Walking home I was quite annoyed that I couldn’t find any rocks or such to use as foreground elements, but this worked out much better!